Store Manager - Bosberg (Somerset East)

Store Manager - Bosberg (Somerset East)


Store Manager - Bosberg (Somerset East)

Details of the offer

To manage the efficient daily operation of the store outlet in accordance with company policy and procedures.
Influencing & Negotiation
The capacity to use verbal and non-verbal communication skills to influence an audience and gain win-win agreements to proposals, plans or ideas
Problem Solving
The ability to describe a problem effectively, gather and analyse information and create options in order to generate a workable solution
Drive & Initiative
The orientation towards energetically pursuing goals and activities in a sustainable manner an individual’s readiness to act on opportunities and pursue goals beyond what’s required or expected of them
Resilience & Stress Management
The capacity to be optimistic, take a long-term view of success and failure and persist in pursuing goals despite obstacles and set-backs (includes the capacity to bounce back from adversity)
Customer Service Orientation
The willingness to anticipate, recognise and meet the needs of internal and external customers (however defined in the role)
Planning & Organising
The capacity to break down a large task into subtasks or sub-goals, to anticipate obstacles and evaluate alternatives. Includes needs identification (recognising gaps between the current situation and a desired outcome), as well as the ability to define tasks needed to accomplish goals and assign and co-ordinate people, tasks and resources to ensure an efficient flow of work
Commercial & Financial Acumen
The capacity to understand relevant financial and commercial knowledge and apply this knowledge in a practical manner
Analytical Thinking
The ability to be systematic and rule-oriented in gathering, reviewing and evaluating data from a variety of perspectives
Monitoring & Measuring
The capacity to maintain store staff job results by coaching, counselling and disciplining employees and evaluate staff performance in relation to clearly defined objectives, timelines and performance standards; includes the ability to identify and implement appropriate measures and benchmarks
The ability to hold one's own in the face of opposition and exert one's influence confidently and firmly
The capacity to develop a wide network of business contacts and use influential people as agents to accomplish one’s own objectives
Identify current and future customer requirements by establishing rapport with potential and actual customers and other persons in a position to understand service requirements
1. Housekeeping
The correct cleaning materials and equipment are used
Cleaning equipment is clean and in good working order
Cleaning equipment and materials are stored correctly
Office and store is neat, tidy and clean
Non-conformances are appropriately rectified within stipulated timeframes

2. Customer Service
Ensures that all staff are dressed in accordance with the company uniform policy
All customers are greeted in a prompt and friendly manner
Colleagues and customers are treated in a polite and helpful manner at all times
Assistance is provided to colleagues and customers
Referred customer queries and complaints are personally dealt with
Ensures all standards regarding to customer service is rigidly maintained
Ensures that a close relationship is built with all customers visiting the store
Eating, drinking and smoking do not occur on the shop floor

3. Financial Management
Analysing daily gross profit sales reports
Projected revenue and costs are managed in accordance with budget, so that GP is achieved
Constantly examines and reviews the operating costs of the store and corrects out of line situations
Cash procedures are maintained and variances in cash investigated and resolved
Insurance claim documents (when applicable) gets completed timeously for break-ins, vehicle accidents, armed robberies and damage to property

4. Management of Human Resources (Subordinates)
New appointments meet the requirements of the job specification
Numeracy and literacy assessments are carried out prior to a new employee being appointed
Ensures that all appointment documentation for all staff is completed and submitted to the HR department timeously
Performance is monitored and reviewed on a six monthly basis
Responsible for motivating all staff promotions and transfers within the store in conjunction with superior
Training or development needs of direct reports are identified, planned for and implemented in conjunction with the training department, including Induction
Ensures timeous flow of all leave documentation to the HR department
Structures the working hours and approves all time off for direct reports in line with company policy and procedure
Discipline is maintained
Effective communication is practiced
Subordinates report harmonious relationships

5. Asset Management (Stock)
Purchasing is done through preferred suppliers appointed by the company and within budgetary constraints
Stock levels of loan items and stock is kept in line with company policy and known value item lines are always in stock
Monthly stock holding levels are scrutinised and discussed with superior Immediate corrective action is taken if necessary
No expired merchandise is on display
All overstock situations are dealt with timeously
Ullages are controlled and recorded in line with company policy and procedures
All GRV’s, goods returned invoices and IBT’s are captured on the system in line with company policy and procedures
Daily stock takes takes place as per daily stock take schedule
Month end stock take is planned and takes place in accordance with the stock take policy of the company
Stock variances controlled, scrutinised and discussed with superior Immediate corrective action is taken if necessary
Shrinkage reports completed and submitted to the regional office in line with company procedures
Month-end reports completed and submitted to head office in line with company procedures

6. Asset Management (Cash)
Ensures that store float correspond at all times with the original float issued to the store
Float counts conducted at regular intervals as per company procedure
Float rotation procedures followed and adhered to as per company policy
Till spot checks carried out according to the company policy and procedure
Banking controls carried out according to company policy and procedure
All cash handling transactions are conducted in accordance with company policy (cash, debit card, credit card)
Till discrepancies are investigated, corrective action is taken, in line with company policy, where applicable
Pay-outs are controlled, authorised and processed in line with company policy
Voids, refunds and price overrides are controlled, authorised and processed in line with company policy
System report is scrutinised for any unauthorised voids and refunds
Staff purchases are controlled, authorised and processed in line with company policy
No outstanding COD payments

7. Asset Management (Vehicles)
Vehicles are properly maintained and used in accordance with company policy
Route sheets are completed, checked and signed off by the end of each day
Vehicle inspections are carried out and documented. All problems are reported to superior
Vehicle expense control sheet is completed
Fuel consumption is monitored.
Maintenance costs of vehicle is authorised by superior
Unauthorised usage of vehicle is monitored

8. Marketing
Motivates new product listings to superior
Motivates reasons for the de-listing of slow moving stock
All promotions are in line with the agreed promotional cycle for the month
Display layouts are planned and executed for each promotional cycle
Company commitments are honoured in terms of promotional displays/deals
Notifies superior of any local deals which might have an effect on the selling price of certain products in the store
Is aware of all opposition activities such as promotions and new store openings and conducts monthly price comparisons
Canvasses for new business on a regular basis within the stores’ trading environment in conjunction with the business development manager

9. Safety & Security
Store openings and closings conducted under dual control
Alarm codes only active for current management, each manager has their own code
Store alarm tested weekly
Ensuring that all staff clock in and out as per company procedure
Staff is searched and their parcels are checked when exciting the store
All refuse and dirty water is checked prior to being removed from the store

10. Merchandising
Store is merchandised in accordance with company policy and is of the highest possible standard
The correct procedures in terms of pricing are followed and adhered to
Ensure continuous stock rotation according to company procedure
Impulse lines are merchandised in the correct position
Favoured brands and high profit items are positioned in the best buying positions

11. Administration
Stipulated financial reporting and administration is compiled and submitted by the stipulated deadlines
Payroll and human resource reporting and administration is compiled and submitted to assigned HR coordinator by stipulated deadlines
Conduct daily back-up

12. Self-Management
All work is carried out in an organised and efficient manner and within the allocated time frame
Managers are informed about activities, progress and results and feedback is provided as stipulated
To carry out any other reasonable request by a senior person and any other job function or task of a lower level if and when required

Grade 12 - NQF4
Tertiary Education - Marketing or related would be an advantage

3-6 Years experience in retail environment (FMCG)
1-2 Years experience in a management position

Source: Executiveplacements


  • Call Center - Customer Support / Customer Service Coordinator