Senior Manager, Provincial Marketing

Senior Manager, Provincial Marketing

Standard Bank

Senior Manager, Provincial Marketing

Details of the offer

To manage the marketing / communications / public relations marketing plans in order to capitalise on market opportunities and generate customer demand within the 9 provinces in Personal and Business Banking South Africa (PBB SA).

Key Responsibilities/Accountabilities

Provide and manage a provincial marketing plan for the provinces:
Manage the efforts of the marketing teams for each province together with the other heads of marketing in PBB SA. This role manages the actual provincial marketing teams.
Participate with other members of the executive in the provinces proactively by directing and executing marketing / communications / public relations strategies and plans in support of business and provincial objectives.
Build a creative, integrated marketing team that builds brand awareness and reputation.
Direct the development of strategies and plans that provide a steady flow of demand (for example, through sales leads) and include effective measurement on the return on marketing programme investments in each province in South Africa by the provincial marketing teams.
Develop the provincial marketing, communications and public relations plan and ensure this encompasses the strategies and plans for each of the provinces. The jobholder balances the requirements of multiple stakeholders from various parts of the business with group priorities.
Approve provincial marketing strategies and plans. The jobholder ensures that these plans are implemented.
Communicate the provincial marketing strategy and plan to internal and agency stakeholders.
Organise and direct meetings on a regular basis whereby the provincial marketing strategy and plans are reviewed.
Develop in-depth understanding of provincial strategies, plans and objectives in order to ensure that marketing aligns with these initiatives.
Participate and be integral to the strategic planning of provincial leadership.
Work strategically and partner with provinces to input into the development of new opportunities within the provinces.
Provide provinces with insight around the competitive positioning and develop action plans to differentiate offerings through marketing communication. These would both inform and be informed by head office insights as the provincial marketing head would be closer to the ground initiatives and head office would look at this at an overall point of view.
Manage and oversee marketing cross-functionally across the provinces including customer offerings, provincial marketing portfolio and marketing support teams (e.g., research, communications, digital, customer offerings, business unit marketing).
Recommend short- and long-term business unit goals and objectives to the Head: Provinces an Provincial Leadership.
Keep informed of the developments in the fields of marketing, communications and public relations and financial services and use this information to help the organisation operate with agility and innovate on a consistent basis.


Business unit financial measures (revenue, sales volumes, acquisition and retention)
Growth in market share
Marketing strategy and plan effectiveness (overall awareness, campaign awareness, campaign performance, consideration, customer perception, customer loyalty)
Customer experience (NPS score)
Stakeholder feedback.

Manage all communication initiatives for Marketing:
Manage and oversee all functions comprising marketing communications associated with provinces including advertising, public relations, direct marketing, media placement, sales collateral, press releases, special events, market research, creative production, media planning, internal and external communication, sponsorships and all other marketing related activities.
Manage and oversee the development of all supporting marketing collateral for provinces including brochures, sales collateral, etc. Ensure that the services, products and brand are positioned to effectively meet customer demand, remain competitive and remain within the positioning and business guidelines provided.
Ensure consistent articulation of Standard Bank's desired brand image and position in the provinces and ensure this position is maintained within the marketing strategy for the provinces.


Quality of communications and adherence to brand image.

Manage marketing research finances:

Manage the implementation of monitoring processes that demonstrate return on investment of marketing, communications and public relations campaigns in provinces.

Develop and maintain provincial marketing budgets that are consistent with the financial guidelines provided by the business unit and PBB SA Marketing and Communications.
Monitor marketing activities and costs of provincial marketing related to the utilisation of resources required to meet operational requirements.

Ensure financial objectives for marketing in the provinces are met by overseeing forecasting requirements; preparing a consolidated annual budget for marketing across provincial marketing; analysing overall variances; and directing corrective actions within the team.


Return on marketing investment measure (spend versus outcome of marketing strategies and plans)
Spend variances to budget monitored and within agreed parameters.

Report on all provincial marketing initiatives:

Ensure marketing reports and communications contain relevant information to be used by the provinces and is in line with the requirements for PBB SA Marketing and Communications.

Ensure that marketing evaluation systems are in place that relate to goals and objectives of the provincial business units and reports progress to the Head: PBB SA Marketing and Communications.
Communicate the marketing strategies and plans for the provinces throughout PBB SA Marketing and Communications, Customer Channels and provincial teams including executive committees.

Ensure that the correct data is used to analyse and report on the effectiveness of marketing campaigns in provinces.

Quality of reporting (e.g., delivered on time, accurate data, etc.)

Participate in the development of Marketing policies and procedures / regulatory requirements:

Participate in policy and decision-making regarding resource allocation and future direction and control of marketing initiatives in PBB SA Marketing and Communications overall.
Develop, implement and monitor systems and procedures necessary to the smooth operation of the marketing, communications, public relations function in provinces.
Recommend marketing communication standards and policy changes to the Head: PBB SA Marketing and Communications.
Keep up to date with relevant regulatory requirements and understands how it impacts on the marketing function as a whole.


Adherence to regulatory, legal and compliance requirements of Standard Bank, PBB SA overall and group marketing

Preferred Qualification and Experience
Degree in Social Science, Business, Marketing or equivalent, Postgraduate Degree in Social Science, Business or Marketing

5-7 years experience:

Previous experience in preparing marketing plans and managing a marketing budget

1-2 years:

Previous experience in managing teams across geographies.

3-4 years

Previous experience with a Financial Services industry

Knowledge/Technical Skills/Expertise
Effective Business Communication.
Presentation Skills.
Brand Management.
Planning, Forecasting and Budgeting.
Strategic Planning and Reporting.

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