Occupational Therapy Support Workers

Occupational Therapy Support Workers

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Occupational Therapy Support Workers

Details of the offer

You’ll help clients with their rehabilitation by: - encouraging them to think positively and work towards agreed goals set by an occupational therapist
- monitoring and recording progress
- giving regular feedback to therapists

Your day-to-day duties might include:

- encouraging people with mental health issues to create a daily routine
- assisting children with physical disabilities to enjoy play activities
- helping people who’ve had a stroke or been in an accident to adjust to their disability
- showing an older person how to use equipment to help them remain living independently.
- checking that equipment is in good working order and keeping a record of items in stock

You’ll need:

- excellent communication and listening skills
- confidence and enthusiasm, for times when work with clients doesn’t have a positive result
- time management skills and the ability to help clients organise their time
- practical skills in areas like cookery, woodwork or pottery
- teamworking skills, and the ability to work alone
- the ability to keep clear, accurate records

You’ll usually work around 37.5 hours a week. You could be based in a hospital,

£26000 per annum

Source: Bebee2


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