Municipal Asset Management Specialist (Mpumalanga)

Municipal Asset Management Specialist (Mpumalanga)


Municipal Asset Management Specialist (Mpumalanga)

Details of the offer

Institutional Support:
Asset Management Support Plan - Conduct baseline assessments that will inform the customisation and development of the Asset Management Support Plan, Facilitate the adoption, publication and awarement of the approved SP.
Stakeholder Engagements - participate in Provincial Treasury management meetings and present progress reports on the implementatioin of the Asset Management SP, actively participate in municipal asset management forums
Provincial Treasury Municipal asset management capacity - Assist with evaluation of the PT municipal asset management staffing capabilities on an annual basis and provide recommendations to ensure sufficient capacity exists for effective skills transfer.
Municipal asset management capacity - Undertake annual reviews of the munical asset management organograms and make recommendations regarding capacitation
Asset management capacity building - Conduct on-going capacity building with PT and municipal asset management staff on asset management-related reforms

Asset Management Policies and SOPs:
Assist the PT Municipal Finance unit and municipalities with designing workable asset management models for their specific environment by:
Reviewing and aligning the municipal asset management policies and SOPs to applicable legislation, frameworks and guidelines
Providing technical guidance and support to municipalities in reviewing and updating of their asset management policies and SOPs
Building awareness through workshops of the asset management policy, regulations and SOPs to municipal staff and councillors as agreed
Reviewing and updating the Asset Management Plans and the Asset Maintenance Plans

Asset Accounting:
Assist the Provincial Treasury Municipal Finance unit and municipalities with all municipal asset accounting related matters:
To ensure compliance with laws and regulations when accounting for municipal assets
To ensure compliance with applicable GRAP accounting standards and directives when accounting and disclosing assets
To ensure compliance with recommended asset management guidelines when accounting for assets
To complile an asset register that addresses the following; Existence, Completeness, Valuation, Ownership, Classification, Accuracy
To ensure a full integration of the asset register with the General Ledger as well as compliance with MSCOA requirements

Internal Requirements:
To ensure internal controls are established for proper asset management practices during the assets life cycle that are in line with rules and regulations, recommended guidelines and GRAP compliance
To implement internal controls to safeguard assets against improper use, loss, theft, malicious damage and accidental damage
To institute internal controls that ensure alignment of the service level needs as per the IDP with the capital budget and asset acquisition plan
To implement internal controls that ensure evaluation of the various asset acquisition methods
To establish controls that ensure that assets are disposed in line with the provisions of the MFMA and other applicable guidelines
To institute controls that will ensure effective collaboration of the Technical, Engineering, Finance, Town Planning Departments etc in the management and accounting of assets

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