Machine Learning Engineer / Analyst

Machine Learning Engineer / Analyst

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Machine Learning Engineer / Analyst

Details of the offer

Brief Description:Join a highly successful analytics company that specializes in analytics solutions across a number of customer focused verticals. My client is an innovative organisation where you will work alongside energetic, committed and smart people.Primarily working with data scientists and software developers, be part of a team responsible for researching, developing, implementing and maintaining a large-scale platform used for the management and execution of machine learning models (including the training of machine learning models). Collaborate with the product team to develop an understanding of needs, researching and devising innovative statistical models for data analysis.Qualification:
Experience, Skills and Competencies Requirements
Minimum of 5 years’ hands-on experience in implementing machine learning with specific experience in the Keras deep learning framework and optionally be familiar with PyTorch, Tensorflow or TFLearn
At least 5-year experience applying data science concepts and techniques
Be familiar with at least the following Python packages:
Good track record of working in Jupyter on a local machine or in a cloud environment (such as AWS or Azure)
Must be knowledgeable in implementing, hyper-parameter tuning and understanding of the following general concepts:
Feature-based classification and regression modelling
Time-series forecasting
Feature-based classification and regression neural network architecture design, training,
fine-tuning and implementation.
Knowledge in applying “transfer learning” concept
Recurrent neural networks with at least knowledge in implementing LSTMs
Knowledge in various neural network activation functions, layers, optimisers and objective
functions and which ones are more suitable for particular applications
Knowledge in model evaluation and validation metrics/techniques (e.g. accuracy, AUC, ROC,
holdout, k-fold cross-validation and stratified validation)
Ability to take suitable debugging steps if neural network training is not performing correctly
Ability to advise on suitable machine learning models/techniques for particular types of
datasets (e.g. small datasets, imbalanced, missing values)
A proven track record in dealing with high volumes of data and associated techniques in dealing thereof
Hands-on experience in deployment and productionising of ML models
Advanced pattern recognition and predictive modelling experience
Drivers licence essential
SA citizens only!
Key Performance Areas
Write robust and maintain code using languages such as Python or Java
Research and apply appropriate machine learning frameworks and associated libraries that would contribute towards the building of a cost-effective and scalable platform
Contribute towards the design and deployment of data pipelines to source validate and transform data
Contribute towards the design and deployment of algorithms and machine learning models that provide real-time output
Maintain and optimise productionised models and platform related processing
Run machine learning tests and experiments to ascertain optimal processing capabilities using various types of machine learning models
Assist team in troubleshooting or identifying issues by deep-diving into solutions to propose potential solutions
Assist team in identifying and integrating complex and large datasets that can be leveraged through our product capabilities, applying analytical experiments to help solve problems
Assist the product development team to strategize and execute the development and productionising of data-drive products through the Company ML platform
Engage with product stakeholders regarding product definition process and related feedback

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