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Java Developer

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Java Developer

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A mature business with a large legacy system in Java/Javascript is looking for a Java Developer to join their team in the far Southern Suburbs of Cape Town. Are you someone who’s challenged by how technology is influencing, rather than someone who just wants to play with new toys?Their software serves in the hospitality industry and they have top well known clients. There are four aspects to their business:
Provision of a Property Management System (PMS). This is a calendar which the hotels use to capture their bookings and client information, draw reports etc.
Booking Engine - This allows guests to visit the web site of the hotel and make online bookings
Distribution - They 'push' the data we're capturing from the hotel's calendar up on to the bigger international web sites.
Payment solutions - They provide credit card processing services for the smaller guest houses and web site partners (like the info offices in the various towns).
Their technical solution isa) VB/Windows development for the PMS (and links to other PMS products). This is being phased out over time.b) Linux / MySQL / Tomcat / Java/JSP stack at the back.c) HTML / CSS / JQuery / JSON / Bootstrap / Javascript at the frontThey are a small expert team and the Manager is hands on involved with Development.Eventhough their range of skills required is quite wide their ideal is to find someone with a good grounding in Linux/Mysql who can program in Java.The job is about 70% tweaks to the existing system and 30% brand new projects. When they say a 'tweak', they are constantly having to expand the APIs they connect to, but this isn't green field development. Rather they follow the pattern they would have done for previous projects.Internally, they do development on:
Internal support system
Internal CRM system
Billing systems
Payments systems
Booking engine
Travel widgets and search systems
Integrations to APIs (this is large)
Oh, and just if that wasn't enough they have a sister product which is a monster of a product in its own right. Fully written in Javascript/Java, it's a fully-cloud based product.Join this great environment…small company ….where YOU can make a big impact. We're very flexible, not corporate. This job is office based because they believe collaboration is hugely important.They are prepared to pay good money for the right person.

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