It Project Manager

It Project Manager


It Project Manager

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Completed BSc or BCom Information Systems
Degree in IT or Engineering or any other business
•Completed Prince 2 certification.
•PMP is an added advantage.
Minimum of 5 years working experience as a project
Experience in business case management.
•Experience in management of third party vendors.
•Coaching and mentoring experience desirable
•Solid experience in working in a multidisciplinary
team fostering collaboration and teamwork
Builds and manages project charters, schedules, quality plans, budgets, and communication and risk
management plans for domain related projects.
1.2 Assures the participation and commitment of project stakeholders for projects.
1.3 Assures the effective control of projects and project changes for projects.
1.4 Assures the participation and commitment of project stakeholders for IT related projects.
1.5 Assures the effective control of projects and project changes for IT related projects.
1.6 Creates a software quality assurance plan for the project viz. quality plan for all deliverables, proper usage of
existing intellectual property and update quality project deliverables in the knowledge base(s).
1.7 Effectively defines, communicates and gains agreement on the project scope in the Business Case. Manages
changes to the project scope Business Case across the project lifecycle. Ensures the project is correctly
KPA 2Acquire and Implement
2.1 Effectively estimate costs, timescales and resource requirements for the successful delivery of the project(s)
to an agreed scope.
2.2 Track and manage application requirements during the development lifecycle and incorporate changes to
requirements through an established change management process.
2.3 Develop a plan for the maintenance of software applications.
2.4 Effectively conducts research into and makes use of appropriate existing intellectual property as relevant to
assigned project tasks.
2.5 Contributes to intellectual property by logging all quality deliverables in the appropriate knowledge base/s.
2.6 Accurately and completely documents all relevant business, functional and non-functional requirements in the
appropriate documents (i.e. Business Requirements Definitions, Functional System Specifications) within
agreed quality standards.
2.7 Evaluate training results and enhance documentation as required.
2.8 Coordinate to ensure implementation and monitoring of project databases.
2.9 Ensure that all releases are compliant to Prior to release criteria.
KPA 3Deliver and Support
3.1 Delivers projects as per cost, quality, schedule and agreed criteria.
3.2 Effectively traces requirements across and within the relevant models and work products by referencing and
linking requirements.
3.3 Provides effective leadership to the project team ensuring that team members are motivated and developing
their skills and experience.
3.4 Effectively supports the execution of required solution testing (i.e.: Process and/or User Acceptance testing.
3.5 Accurately identifies and communicates potential changes to, and their impact on, solutions. Accurately and
consistently incorporates agreed changes across affected requirements documentation and simultaneously
identifies, analyses and escalates project and/or solution risks and issues.
3.6 The identification, assessment and management of project risks, which could result in time or cost over-runs,
or failure to deliver products which are fit for purpose.
3.7 Maximises total average resource project utilisation (no less than 80% billable) for all project resources,
ensuring that all time is captured appropriately.
3.8 Identifies and characterizes users’ training needs.
3.9 Builds a training program.
3.10 Conducts awareness, education and training activities.
3.11 Identifies and evaluates best training delivery methods for IT.
3.12 Identifies and evaluates best training delivery methods for Business.
KPA 4Monitor and Evaluate
REV 0 (01/01/14)
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4.1 Monitors costs, timescales and resources used, and take action where these deviate from agreed tolerances.
4.2 Defines & implements project assurance and review methods.
4.3 Adheres to project governance throughout the project life-cycle (i.e.: Blue Process, relevant Templates and
Modelling Standards).
4.4 Ensures compliant execution of projects.
4.5 Ensures periodical reporting of compliance with quality management system.
4.6 Adheres to organisational and unit operational processes, attendance of external and internal
(communication) sessions and scheduled training, timely completion and submission of timesheets and leave
4.7 Ensures that own projects are formally closed and, where appropriate, subsequently reviewed, and that
lessons learned are captured and auctioned.
KPA 5Manage Project Resources
5.1 Direct and oversee resources allocated to the project.
5.2 Manage issues and conflict within project team.
5.3 Perform team performance assessments and evaluations.
5.4 Determine project people capacity requirements and ensure that the project team is adequately staffed.
5.5 Where required, negotiate with other department managers for the acquisition of required personnel from
within the company.
5.6 Coach, mentor, motivate and supervise project team members and contractors.
5.7 Where required, motivate project team members by undertaking team building sessions.

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