Ir Officer/ Legal Assistant

Ir Officer/ Legal Assistant


Ir Officer/ Legal Assistant

Details of the offer

The position of IR Assistant will include assisting with the coordination and facilitation of Industrial Relations functions including industrial relations matters and administration of reports and files.

Attend to Labour Relations Matters, including disciplinary measures & counselling
Advise & Assist Legal Advisors and clients on Labour Issues
Issue Correspondences to employees and to the union/s
Attend to scheduling of hearings and consultations
Manage calendar schedules / diaries for Legal Director and Legal Advisors
Make Training Bookings and Arrangements
Rendering an efficient, timeous and professional service to clients by:

- Aptly responding to all telephonic and email enquiries within the required method and time frames.
- Ensuring professional etiquette and prompt feedback is given throughout the duration of the agreement
- Accurately contributing to the drafting of reports
- rafting of disciplinary charges, warnings, memorandums, letters, agreements and any other IR related documentation
- Providing input into the revision and updating all IR policies & procedures for respective clients
- Communicate changes and any required updates on IR policies and guidelines to all key role players
Provide an advisory service to line managers on effectively managing misconduct, incapacity and grievance procedures
Ensure that grievances, disciplinary, incapacity hearings and disputes are attended to within the stipulated time from the date of occurrence and that chairpersons’ reports are submitted to the HR team
Provide advice and manage risk on IR matters and ensure that the necessary deadlines are met within the stipulated timelines.
Monitor and give advice with the handling of disciplinary hearings/incapacity hearings;
Conduct preliminary investigations to establish the need for formal disciplinary procedures to be proceeded with;
Coordinate and facilitate Labour Relations Training;
Submit reports and statistics on all IR cases to ensure that the necessary interventions from affected departments is pursued in addressing problems emanating from the stats analysis
Facilitate representation for Clients in disputes referred to CCMA/DRC;
Consult and prepare line managers and HR team for CCMA/DRC disputes;
Liaise with Client appointed representatives instructed to defend cases before CCMA/DRC and/or Labour Court;
Provide adequate assistance to the representatives of all parties to ensure sound labour relations
Ensure that any disputes referred to the CCMA/DRC or the Labour Courts are expedited and that the provision of all relevant documentation and other logistical arrangements are made.
Keep record of daily Labour Relations related activities, update records and files to maintain a database of labour matters

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