Head Of Compliance

Head Of Compliance

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Head Of Compliance

Details of the offer

Head of Compliance : - Monitor ongoing compliance legislation and regulations around compliance, e.g. IR35, GDPR, Umbrella PSL, MSC legislation, Conduct Regulations and Discrimination.
- Develop a reporting suite to reveal any non-compliance and analyse reasons behind non-compliance and work with the business to implement a resolution.
- Review all client contracts, identify risks and draft amendment taking all regulations and Legislations into consideration
- Provide training to the sales teams on compliance and legislation so that they can advise candidates and clients when needed
- Define policies and process for all compliance.
- Regularly review compliance processes and implement adjustments where necessary and document changes.
- Protects the Company, through best endeavours, from potential risk and exposure, such as employment tribunals, through effective risk mitigation planning, policies & procedures and governance.
- Establish and maintain, through best-endeavours, up-to-date employee processes and procedures as per the legal requirements.
- Manage internal compliance audits, analysing data and issuing reports.

External Compliance:

- Consistently ensure the business fulfils and is compliant with all legal requirements and obligations externally across all departments and locations.
- Proactively ensure all externally published and/or shared documentation is legally sound and compliant.
- Consistently ensure all contractual agreements and documentation with external clients and contractors is legally sound and compliant and does not expose the business to undue legal risk or exposure.
- Diligently protects the Company, from potential legal risk and exposure, such as lawsuits and legal tribunals, through effective risk mitigation planning, policies & procedures and governance.
- Establish and maintain up-to-date processes and procedures as per the legal requirements
- Provide contractual and commercial advice and guidance to the board and staff as appropriate to safeguard the Company and ensure compliance.
- Carefully monitor and review all commercial agreements to identify and eradicate any legal risk or exposure to the Company

Line Management of Contracts and Compliance Staff :

- Carry out regular appraisals of staff to Identify skills gaps and opportunities, ensure team members have received the coaching, training and support required to carry out all tasks and develop their knowledge and understanding
- Support interviews and selection of new staff as appropriate.
- Supervise workloads and ensure effective and fair workflow across the team
- Support the formal Performance and Disciplinary Management of Team Members where appropriate / required.
- Team development and career progression planning.
- Drive ownership of projects, review and feedback on the delivery of projects and take ultimate ownership for completion to strict deadlines.
- Build strong, trusted advisor status relationships with other members of the senior management team and sales teams to become the go-to person for advice and query resolution.
- Identify systems and processes for improvement, and implement innovative solutions to improve workflows and delivery

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