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Group Company Secretary

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Group Company Secretary

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POSITION DESCRIPTIONMAIN OUTPUTS AND RESPONSIBILITIES FOR THE POSITION:Ensure the corporations Board’s Legislative and Corporate Governance Compliance:Provide the Directors, collectively and individually, with detailed guidance on legal duties, responsibilities, and powersEnsure that the directors are aware of any law relevant to or affecting the companyReview Board/Committee structures and Charters on an annual basisConduct Board Performance Evaluation during the first quarter of the Financial YearCoordinate Board and Board Committee Meetings:Facilitate the approval of the Annual Board Plan at the last Board meeting of the calendar yearRaise matters that may warrant the attention of the boardEnsure and promote the efficient functioning of all internal management committeesEnsure all attendance registers and declaration of interests are signed by participants at all Board/Committee meetingsConduct quarterly reviews of meetings proceduresMaintain company records:Minutes of all shareholders meetingsBoard meetings and the meetings of any committees of the directorsLists of directors and shareholders, annual accountsReport on the office of the Company Secretariat matters:Human resources (performance management, learning, and development quality of work, application of policies )Financial resources (budgeting, expenditure )Stakeholder relations (Board, Committees of the Board) JOB EVALUATION CRITERIAKNOWLEDGE AND SKILLS: Formal Education:LLB DegreeOther postgraduate qualification in the field will serve as an advantageTechnical/ Legal Certification:Membership of the Chartered Secretaries of Southern Africa (CSSA) Experience:Minimum 15 Years’ experience as a Company Secretary KNOWLEDGE - COMPETENCIESBusiness Environment:Sound knowledge of the business environment, the relevant role-players within the business and their key responsibilities and outcomesFinancial Principles:Knowledge and understanding of the principles of finance and the components involved in financeLegislation:Sound knowledge Company Act and of the relevant legislation applicable to the organisationPolicies and Procedures:Knowledge and understanding of the company policies and procedures applicable to the specific work environment to ensure that work outcomes are compliant to the policies and procedures SKILLS - COMPETENCIESCommunication Advanced:Advanced business communication skills enabling verbal and written communication at all levelsAnalytical:The ability to analyse situations and to arrive at the best possible solutionAdvanced Interpersonal:The ability to interact with people at all levels in the organisation and in the socio-economic environmentComputer:The ability to utilise the correct computer software and the relevant functionality applicable to the outcomes requiredConflict Management:The ability to manage conflict in such a way that the cause of the conflict is understood by all relevant role players and that the issue causing the conflict is resolved in an amicable mannerManagement:The ability to plan, organise, lead and control in the work environment to achieve the business objectivesNegotiation:The ability to negotiate with role players and arrive at a win-win situation in the best interest of the organisation and the negotiating partyPresentation:The ability to conduct presentations at all levels in the organisation with and without presentation aidsProblem Solving:The ability to apply the principles of problem-solving techniques to identify and resolve a problem in the best interest of all stakeholders OTHER SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS:24/7 AvailabilityWilling to work extended working hours

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