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Dispatch Supervisor

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Clovers corporate strategy is to build onto existing competencies within the Group and to establish a culture of exceptional performance with a view to set a platform for future market expansion.Qualification:MatricRelevant Degree/Diploma /Certification in Logistics/Supply chain Management or relatedRequirements:3 -6 years experience as a Dispatch Supervisor in a similar industryDuties:Ensure efficient and timeous service is provided to all Clover's clients interacting withthe Clover's Dispatch Department directly or indirectly1.2 Ensure all staff in the Dispatch Dept. are adhering to OHS requirements in thewarehouse and on-delivery1.3 Plan the Dispatchs Departments activities on a daily, weekly and monthly basis1.4 Manage, monitor and improve the Dispatch Departments operations effectivelyand efficiently.1.5 Build and maintain solid relationships with all Clover's stakeholders.1.6 Ensure optimal Dispatch Dept. costs levels, keep track and record of all key costsincurred by the Dispatch Dept. (e.g. Fuel Costs).1.7 Ensure optimal resource usage and productivity across all areas.1.8 Review and understand system functionality applicable to Clover's WarehouseDispatch Dept. Operations.1.9 Ensure safety measures are applied to ensure the safety of goods in the DispatchArea, in-transit to deliveries and in-transit from upliftment.1.10 Oversee the timely dispatch of goods due for delivery.1.11 Ensure all staff going on delivery and/or upliftment are dressed in presentablemanner that reflects positively on Clover's image to clients and suppliers1.12 Plan, organize and direct Dispatch Dept. related administrative services such assignage, cleaning, installations, maintenance, repair and safety inspections.1.13 Perform day to day management administrative tasks such as maintaining filesand processing paperwork (e.g. fuel slips, PODs, Pallet Registers, Trip Sheets).1.14 Timeously responding to and resolving customer/sales staff communications byemail, fax and telephone.1.15 Overseeing the cost effective planned maintenance of vehicles, machinery andequipment in the Dispatch Department as the need arises and as scheduled.1.16 Producing regular reports and statistics on a daily, weekly and monthly basis oras needed.1.17 Ensuring all customer and internal staff warehouse queries are resolvedtimeously.1.18 Ensure debriefing is conducted with all drivers and assistants returning fromdelivery and/or upliftment trips on a daily basis.1.19 Ensure all staff in the Dispatch Dept. fill out their daily checklists assigned to their role as required and file all completed checklists in a systematic manner1.20 Collect data and ensure the performance of individual staff and/or teams in theDispatch Department according to set KPIs.1.21 Plan for and manage the collection of pallets owed to Clover's by clients andsuppliers.1.22 Manage and monitor all contracted 3PL parties operation to ensure they comply with Clover's and Clover's clients SLAs and their housekeeping is according to Clover's standards.1.23 Daily meetings with the Sales Admin and Finance teams to update on deliveriesand enquire on any issues raised by clients with regards to deliveries and collections.1.24 Ensure daily follow ups are conducted on all collections orders not yet collectedthought the Sales Admin team or directly to the client.1.25 Compile and send out the standard required daily e-mail communications onDispatch Departments activities.1.26 Ensure all Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and Service LevelAgreements (SLAs) are complied with when executing your daily duties.1.27 Work in a manner that ensures all your KPIs are met continuously.1.28 Perform any other duties as required from time to time by the WarehouseManager or Senior Management or any other member of staff delegated toassign duties to you.2. Supervisory / Leadership / Managerial Tasks2.1 Communicate clearly and actively throughout the business units with the relevantstakeholders (sales team, Clover's clients and management).2.2 Prepare or direct preparation of correspondence, reports, statistics related to theClover's Warehouse Dispatch Department operations area of responsibility, andoperations, maintenance, and safety manuals.2.3 Define/redefine key performance indicators for every role in the DispatchDepartment to measure effectiveness of the Clover's Warehouse DispatchDepartments operations.2.4 Complete and systematically file all Daily Checklists assigned to the DispatchSupervisor Role.2.5 Interview, select, coach, train, manage, and appraise the performance of theDispatch Departments personnel.2.6 Problem solve, negotiate, and address staff challenges in the DispatchDepartment.2.7 Continuously evaluate the Dispatch Departments operations and highlightpotential problems or opportunities identified in the operation.

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