Corporate Finance Associate

Corporate Finance Associate


Corporate Finance Associate

Details of the offer


Implementation of projects against the project timetable, including ultimate responsibility for all administrative workstreams and management of external advisors
Providing the Principal with high quality drafts of complex outputs including strategic letters, process documents, financial models and regulatory briefing documents, which is achieving through managing the Analyst who provides first drafts of these outputs
Play a key role in client management, often being the client’s primary contact person for task-related matters and general outputs
Manage the Analyst in performing industry, company, transaction and technical research, which includes:Assistance with the approach to sourcing information
Key strategic guidance in the structure of outputs and the efficient use of inputs
Technical guidance on complex regulatory, valuation and legal matters
Also see “General objectives”

Contribute to deal origination through:High-quality deal implementation to retain repeat clients
Generating deal ideas based on a strong knowledge of the market and research-driven supporting data
Professional relationships, but to a far lesser extent than a Principal

Play a leadership role within the team and especially to the Analysts, which includes setting an example of in terms of work ethic, adherence to team processes, contribution to team strategy etc.
Sourcing revenue opportunities (mostly from existing client relationships, when compared with Principals) and assisting with business development
Perform research for a variety of different reasons, namely:Industry research (in respect of specific sectors)
Company research (understanding a client's business, identifying new potential clients, identifying buy-side and sell-side opportunities for current and prospective clients, etc.)
Transaction type research (BEE, M&A, leveraged buy-out, listings, etc.)
Technical research (valuation methodologies, modelling techniques, legal agreement clauses and definitions, etc.)

Complete detailed valuation models (and other ancillary models) which are tailored for the exact purpose of a specific transaction.
Draft various written documents, including but not limited to:Marketing / Introductory Power Point Presentations (i.e. pitch decks on various transactions for various prospective clients)
Transaction specific documents (information memorandums, deal structure, teasers. term-sheets, etc.)
Legal documents (mandates, non-disclosure agreements)

Contribute to the team internally through various means:Marketing meetings (drafting of internal agendas and action items, budgets, etc.)
Strategy documents
Idea generation

In one of the mentioned fields

Law (both B Com and LLB) or Economics or B Com Accounting (CA Route) or B Com Finance / Business Sciences
Engineering (Essential to have a finance/business background as well (i.e. MBA, CFA or similar program)
Mathematics (Essential to have a finance/business background as well (i.e. MBA, CFA or similar program)


At least 3 years in a Corporate Finance role (specifically in a deal-making capacity), demonstrating exposure to a variety of clients and transactions.

KNOWLEDGE(strong practical and theoretical knowledge is expected at Associate level)

Project managementTransaction management techniques (timetables / project calls / experience in managing third party advisors)
Finance and valuationsAdvanced financial modelling
Valuation techniques
Practical considerations
Detailed IFRS knowledge of major financial statement concepts
Legal agreementsStructure of agreements and related strategies
Common pitfalls
Focus areas for review by the Corporate Finance advisor to the transaction
Capital marketsInvestor profiles and typical focus areas
Importance of liquidity
Regulatory frameworks across main boards and development boards
LegislationCompanies Act (inclusive Regulations)
Competition Act
B-BBEE Act (inclusive understanding relationship with Charters, Codes, etc.)
JSE Listings Requirements (inclusive understanding of empowering legislation i.e. Financial Markets Act)
Written communication and pitch booksBuilding various types of pitch books
Writing formal offer and other types of letters to company boards and major shareholders

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  • Auditor - Accounting - Finances / Accounting and Financial Management