Corporate Compliance Manager

Corporate Compliance Manager


Corporate Compliance Manager

Details of the offer

Subsidiary of a JSE listed multinational has a vacancy for an experienced Compliance Manager to join their team based in Linbro Park, Johannesburg.
The position is responsible for managing all requirements relating to compliance with a Customer’s Procurement Policies. Communicate with Senior Procurement/Finance Managers at Customers to ensure the business complies with their requirements to set us up as a Suppler/Vendor, so that they can purchase from them and pay them.
This would include, but is not limited to:
1. Vendor Registrations and updates
• Both in the normal course of business and as Project Manager for large scale ‘change-over’ of Business Entities.
• Including the Centralised Government Database and other Corporate data bases.
2. Manage the easy accessibility of Compliance Documents requested by Customers, ensuring such documents are current and relevant, eg
• Tax Certificates
• Good Standing
• Bank account confirmations
• BBBEE requests
• Health and Safety files and submission of 37.2
3. Maintain comprehensive records in DTS with regards to:
• Classification Group and Group Name of customers (eg TENDER/RFQ SLA et)
• Price review dates and expiry dates of SLA’s and TENDERS,
• Special price codes where required
• Action and communicate to CRM where a visit/other communication is required
4. New Business
When RFQ’s received:
• Compile proposal via template with required documents to be attached.
• Responsible for checking the requirements and terms of the RFQ and to refer to Senior Management if the RFQ is non-standard and cannot be fulfilled using standard systems and procedures.
• Obtain pricing and relevant set-up with a Sales Manager, or Senior Manager.
• Ensure that the RFQ is submitted in compliance with the due date provided
• Follow up for award
• If awarded, ensure that all documents are scanned and linked and data updated in DTS.
• Provide statistics on all compliance issues as required by Management from time to time.
Service Level Agreements: New and existing
On receipt of request, or before existing SLAs expire:
• Assess SLAs provided by Customers for terms which would be unacceptable to us, high risk, or undeliverable. Refer such cases to Senior Management
• Assess any special requirements regarding the setting up of the account in DTS, and refer to the Head of Customer Care before agreement with customer.
• Create own SLAs from template, or amend Customer’s SLA to be in line with what we can propose.
• Draw up any Annexures and/or Addendums as required, with attention to detail, assessment of risk and possible consequences, and no ambiguity.
• Final version of SLA is to be signed by Senior Management(Coral or Paul)before submitting to customer.
• Any amendments are to be referred to Senior Management (Coral or Paul) before the agreement is finalised.
• Ongoing Management:
• Make sure that whatever was agreed in the SLA is set up to run smoothly in DTS, eg Actions for annual price increases.
• Create new Addendums as required (eg adding on equipment for SLA customers, significant change in terms or management of the account, to be agreed by all parties)
Standard Contracts
Be the ‘Guardian’ of the MS Word versions of the contracts.
• Ensure that no changes are made without being agreed by Senior Management
• Update pricing and other information as required
• Ensure the official version of the contracts are available to all, both in the Aquazania Sales Folder, and via the Email Templates/Contracts, Attached Documentation.
• Advanced MS Word
• Excellent verbal and written communication skills
• Numeracy – basic account knowledge at least
• A background in a Corporate entity where procurement policies are non-negotiable.
• Strong work ethic
• Able to work independently in a fast paced environment.
• Self-driven and takes charge of their own learning.
• Confidence to interact at a senior professional level.
• Attention to detail
• Organised
• Perseverance
• DTS knowledge (this can be trained).
PLEASE NOTE: This is an EE position.

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