Clinical Manager

Clinical Manager

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Clinical Manager

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To ensure high quality standards are maintained in all aspects of clinical and customer service delivery.

S/he forms an integral part of the clinical team and ensures that services are client centred, safe, effective and efficient

S/he is responsible and accountable for the management of the clinical services team at the medical centre.


Supports the centre based clinical services team by creating a culture of clinical service excellence and delivery of excellent client experience

Develops and manages a cohesive, motivated and high performing clinical services team

Provides critical input on regional clinical services and regional service quality within the business

Provide comprehensive support and actively contribute to the achievement of all clinical, growth and sustainability objectives

Lead employees under direct control to accomplish all job and departmental objectives

Establish a system of communication to coordinate activities, tasks and duties

Clinical Service Quality

· Ensures that all relevant and current policies and guidelines are available and implemented at all service delivery sites

· Ensures the clinical service providers understand company objectives and goals and they effectively deliver services within their scope of competence and training

· Ensures the clinical service providers under his/her supervision follow all current company protocols and have access to up-to-date manuals and policies

· Supports the clinical service providers to implement clinical guidelines and recommendations to ensure high quality service delivery

Service Provision

o Attending to client’s needs, giving professional counselling, and dispensing of full range of contraceptives and antibiotics

o Maintain record keeping of all clients seen

People & Development

o Deal with performance problems within teams, and consult with management once it reaches the stage where disciplinary action is considered necessary

o Ensure the constructive utilization of the appraisal system in the centre

o Control extra hours and temp staff

Stock Management

o Ensure record keeping of stock is up to date and accurate and that proper stock levels are maintained

o Management of stock bins

o Ensure monthly physical stock count and timely submission stock report

Clinical Governance

· Supports the centre internal clinical quality audit and ensures that robust action plans are developed and that these action plans are fully implemented

· Supports the centre external QTAs and ensures that robust action plans are developed and that these plans are fully implemented

· Guarantees the maintenance of proper client records and that client record audits are conducted as mandated by MDT

· Makes sure that regional incidents are reported in line with the Company Incident Management Reference Manual and supports the incident investigation processes within the MDT mandated timelines and ensures that robust post-incident action plans are developed, and those actions are implemented in full

· Facilitate and document monthly MEM drills

Clinical Training and Capacity Management

Ensure that the centre is adequately staffed with fully trained and high calibre staff

Assist in the recruitment of new and temporary staff as and when required to ensure compliance with centre objectives and pre-determined service levels

Creates work schedules aligned to number of booking required to meet centre/HCU targets

Define and implement standards and procedures to ensure daily, weekly and monthly performance targets are met

Continuously monitor staff performance inclusive of training needs analysis and arrange training and development interventions based on findings

Ensures assessment of clinical competency of all clinical staff for each clinical service they deliver annually

Ensures that competency based clinical training support is given by endorsed clinical trainers to build and maintain competency of clinical staff

Implements continuous supportive supervision across all channels in the program to improve individual staff performance

Ensures that all new staff in region are provided with a standard clinical induction training, including sessional staff of clinical services

Client Interaction and Experience

Ensure high quality client care across the centre in the region by tracking, overseeing and optimising all client interactions

Utilise a variety of analysis tools to gather customer feedback, analyse it and design specific intervention and practices to ensure improved customer experiences

Establish communication channels and mediums through which clients reach out.

Guide and direct the activities of all service providers under direct control to ensure their interactions with clients reflects positively on the company.

Ensure that quick responses are given to client enquiries and questions

Regularly monitor the activities of all staff under direct control to ensure compliance with set standards of courtesy and professionalism.

Conduct surveys to gather information on customer opinion of rendered services

Utilize social media platforms in reaching out to customers to help resolve issues and provide quick response to enquiries

Supervise the activities of all staff under direct control to ensure their interaction with clients reflect positively

Service Excellence/ Client Focus

Manage and maintain the highest quality and uniform standards of clinical services to clients

Attend to client’s needs, giving professional advice and counselling, and dispensing of contraceptives

Telephonic counselling when requires

Ensure that all nurses working in the centre function within their scope of practice according to the nursing act

Ensure client confidentiality at all times

Managing of Financial Reporting Systems

· Verify all information in financial reports submitted:

o Daily reports

o Attendance records

o VCT records

o Overtime hours

o Temp hours

o Travel claims

· Authorise all documents submitted to the support office

· Follow the procedure put in place by the Procurement Department with regard to all purchases

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