Business Operations Support

Business Operations Support

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Business Operations Support

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Support, monitor and report on business operations identified areas to ensure underlying systems deficiencies and processes are addressed.
• Support daily operations of the vetting process to ensure expected turnaround times or SLAs are being met.
• Address billing rejections to ensure that customers are billed correctly and on time.
• Ensure that installed, migrated and deleted orders are progressing correctly according to the process on the system.
• Assess cancellation orders for approval or rejection in order to make sure the terms and conditions and policies are adhered to.
• Work with order support and technology delivery team to make sure the root-cause of the system issues are being resolved.
• Monitor the reports to identify issues on identified areas.
• Document system user guidelines relating to the use and support of the systems on identified areas where users lack understanding.
• Motivated individual who is passionate about technology and customer experience
• Excellent communication skills (both written and verbal)
• Analytical thinking
• Proven experience working in an operational environment
• Proficient with Microsoft Excel, Power Point, Visio and Word
• Team player, ability to work in a team environment
• Deciding and initiating action
• Ability to plan and organise daily work
• Ability to follow instructions and procedure

• 3 years Degree/Diploma - in Engineering or IT Studies - required

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