Account Manager: Workout & Restructuring Department

Account Manager: Workout & Restructuring Department


Account Manager: Workout & Restructuring Department

Details of the offer

Plan and execute the Turnaround and Restructuring of IDC clients experiencing distress
Carry out Business Reviews to ascertain whether clients have the potential of becoming operationally and financially viable;
Determine the optimum Turnaround solutions that will improve the company’s viability
Determine the optimum Financial Restructuring intervention that the company can implement to support the turnaround strategy e.g. restructuring of the company’s repayment terms, conversion of the company’s debt to equity, injection by the company of additional funds, finding third parties to inject additional funds etc.
Safeguard company’s Security position through maintaining and/or improving the recoverability of it’s exposure
Draft and present submission reports to various decision-making committees
Review drafted legal agreements to ensure they capture the company’s credit committee approval
Closely monitor the implementation of the Turnaround strategy through attending Steerco/ Manco;
Interaction with key stakeholders; regular client visits; etc.
Regularly update W&R monitoring platform (SAP) iro tracking progress against process and status update notes;
Provide support to sector SBUs/PIMD in respect of their clients who are showing signs of potential
financial failure
Attend and contribute to the monthly W&R Portfolio Management meetings
Provide efficient service to both internal and external stakeholders/clients

The ideal candidate will have the following competencies:
Good understanding of different types of security.
Good working knowledge of Company, Contract, Taxation, IFRS and Insolvency legislation.
Industry standards, technology trends and best practices

Qualifications and Experience
The incumbent must have commercial qualifications e.g. BCom with post graduate degree: MBA / MBL
At least 3- 4 years’ experience in a Turnaround and Restructuring environment - businesses experiencing distress

Source: Executiveplacements


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